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Monday, February 08, 2010



To Ken the cold hearted,

No reason to let the body cool before letting politics come into play. This is cold and probably says a great deal of where our politics play in our priorities and values. Sad.

Just wondering what your thoughts were before you dismissed a war veteran, hero and public servant before you began the political speculation on his grave before he was even in it. Hoping that it was just a bad day and that there was no disrespect intended.

Also hoping that for your benefit the pallbearers will all be attractive, competent and named John.

Just because he's not from here and not of your political beliefs doesn't mean that respect shouldn't be shown.

Politics shouldn't make us cold and heartless.


Dear hans: John Murtha was big boy and gave as good as he got. My joke about his first name was hardly in bad taste.

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