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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Dr. Doom

Obama's "healthcare reform" is the biggest fraud and scam yet perpetuated against the American people. Healthcare is nothing but a huge power-grab to pay off cronies and the "chosen few" such as General Electric (GE).

Did you notice that GE is already running television commercials praising how they're going to "help" facilitate healthcare? I think GE's commercial of the guy sitting in his underwear while about 200 people are staring at him says it all. Do you want ALL your medical records available to ANYONE that can hack a computer?


Dr. Doom: There are indeed a lot of compromises in the Democrats' reform plans, but that doesn't mean that the plans as a whole are fraudulent. They really do want government controlled medicine, out of principle. And yes, I do want my medical records available to anyone who can hack a computer. Anywhere records are kept they can be snatched from by a person with access.

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