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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


piese auto

I do not believe that sexual discrimination was a problem for the army. Obama must be very careful with the policy promoted.

asigurari auto

The same article with the same answer. I wonder if he still is somehow a mistake.

Mark Anderson

Gosh Ken, I guess everything is an Obama mistake. At the very least he is opening up the issue. Where are Republicans on this issue? Where is Ken Blanchard on this issue?, don't just post opinions of others. As a former South Dakotan, turning 57 this week, and a college professor, now located in Florida, where are the Devil's advocates on issues like this in this blog? Where is Haiti on this blog? Where is the continued Cheyenne Reservation power outage on this blog? Is there any real debate on this blog or is it like Fox news?


Mark: I can't be all things to all people on all topics, but you might at least acknowledge what I have said. I say exactly where I am on the issue. I write above: "Secretary Gates is right to take this action. I have yet to hear a good reason why homosexuals should not have the same opportunity to serve this country as anyone else". That's where Ken Blanchard is.

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